Sales Support

Powermove Distribution Pty Ltd have dedicated account managers in every state to provide training from a state level, in-store training, to on the road and B2B. With over 14 years distribution experience and 3 offices located around Australia our Customer and Dealer support is unmatched. In addition to our dedicated support staff we have over 40 authorised service centres located all over Australia, to ensure warranty and repairs can be resolved accurately and as quickly as possible.

New South Wales

Jacob Monsonego: (South)

Clinton Russell: (North)

John Mangos: (National Accounts)

Peter Colebrook: (Sales Manager)

Nigel Dent: (TV and Business Development)

Northern Territory

Ian Barry:


Phil Russell: (North)

Shannon Penrose: (South)

South Australia

Ian Barry:


Avi Chandra:


Avi Chandra:

Mathew Went:

Frank Bennett: (Online)

Western Australia

Peter Cutts: